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Dine by Wix—the reservation & ordering app for restaurant owners.

Start taking orders & reservations on the Dine by Wix app

Get listed on the app that makes it easy for customers to find your restaurant, place orders & make reservations. The best part—it’s commission free.

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Dine by Wix

100% commission free

Fed up with the big apps eating your bottom line? List your restaurant on Dine by Wix and pay zero commission on your orders.

Reach new customers

Gain exposure to new, hungry customers in your area who are searching for food based on location and type of cuisine.

Drive sales with actionable data

Keep ownership of your customer data, understand their preferences and turn them into regulars with targeted rewards and discounts.

Everything your restaurant needs in one app

Take orders

Offer options for pickup, delivery and ordering in advance. Choose from multiple payment providers and give customers a fast, secure checkout experience. Want everyone to feel comfortable in your restaurant? There’s even an option for contactless dine-in.

Menu images of three different types of ramen - mushroom, tofu and kogashi - shown on a restaurant online ordering system.

Accept reservations 24/7

Allow customers to reserve a table online with an option for adding special requests—then follow up with calendar reminders to reduce cancellations and no-shows.

A restaurant reservation app from a Japanese restaurant, Noodle, showing options for table reservations and online ordering.

Offer rewards and discounts

Get more repeat business by creating a loyalty program that lets customers earn points to save on future orders, and increase sales by offering discounts that are too good to pass up.

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Meet your customers where they are

Generate buzz around new dishes and special events by sending push notifications to all of your customers. If someone has a question, answer over live chat just like you would if they were sitting in your restaurant.

A live, chat conversation between a staff member at the restaurant, Noodle and a potential customer who is asking for recommendations on what to order.

“Having a free app without commission to run our business is really surrealistic!”

Joaquin  |

Delivery service from Argentina



How do I feature my restaurant on the app?

Fill out a short form so we can help customers find your restaurant. Once you submit your responses, a member of our team will review them and get in touch with you when you’re ready to start taking orders.


Can I join the Dine app if I don't have a site or my site is not on Wix?

Yes, any restaurant can be featured on the app. 


How much does it cost to feature my restaurant on Dine by Wix?

If you have a business premium site on, then listing your restaurant is totally free.


If your restaurant’s site is not on or if you don’t have a website at all, you’ll need to subscribe to one of our premium business packages. In addition to allowing you to be featured on the app, you can also create a website on, complete with reservations and online ordering. Our team will be available to assist you throughout the process.


How do I manage my restaurant on Dine by Wix? 

Dine by Wix is a customer-facing app. We recommend that you download the app to experience it like your customers will, but you manage everything—including new orders, reservations and inviting your customers— from your dashboard or the Wix Owner app.


Is Dine by Wix available in my country? 

The Dine by Wix app is available worldwide. However, the discovery feature that helps your restaurant get found by nearby customers is currently limited to London, with more cities on the way.  After registration, you will receive updates on when the feature will be available in your area.

Download the app and experience it for yourself


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